What should be paid attention to when selecting hot melt adhesive coater


 What should be paid attention to when selecting hot melt adhesive coater

In order to make good products and reduce the waste of raw materials, it is very important to select a good machine, and the later maintenance is not negligible. For the hot-melt adhesive coating machine, the following aspects should be paid attention to

1. Depending on the hardware facilities of the machine itself, the machine itself can not be separated from electronic components, which directly affect the normal operation of the equipment. We try to choose components of large brands, such as Omron and other international brands

2. The frame itself is the shape of a piece of equipment, but its quality directly affects the stability and reliability of the equipment. If the equipment is broken after a few years of use, will it cost more time and money to weld and assemble again? Try to find the ones with less welding, and try to make it as easy as possible. Cast iron is better (some parts)

3. Hot melt adhesive is sensitive to temperature contrast. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the hot melt adhesive begins to soften. If the temperature is lower than a certain level, the hot melt adhesive will become brittle. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the temperature change of the commodity environment when selecting the hot melt adhesive

4. The requirements for the temperature controller are very high. Without a stable temperature controller, the hot melt adhesive will be good and bad, and the products produced will be unstable

Therefore, when choosing a hot melt adhesive coater, you must pay attention to that, which is directly related to the subsequent use of the hot melt adhesive coater

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