What is the effect of hot melt adhesive coating machine with hot melt adhesive film


What is the effect of hot melt adhesive coating machine with hot melt adhesive film
The problem of environmental protection has always been a serious injury to the shoemaking industry. The strong smell of glue in the workshop has seriously damaged the health of shoemakers. Many families have paid a heavy price for this. Nowadays, the shoemaking industry is undergoing earth shaking changes. All kinds of glues used in shoe material bonding are being replaced by a new environment-friendly adhesive - hot-melt adhesive film. Then the hot melt adhesive film must be matched with the hot melt machine coater, and the two can be used together to achieve better results
1) Features
The bonding fastness is stronger and has obvious advantages compared with traditional glue.
Mildew proof, transparent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless.
Improve efficiency, be easy to operate, save labor, process and cost.
It can prevent loose surface, and the overall molding effect is good. It can directly replace the setting cloth on some products.
The fitting site is clean, tidy and pollution-free, which is conducive to safe production.
(2) Application
It is applied to insoles of various materials, including EV slice, PU slice, Haibo slice, Osole, etc.
It is applied to the upper and fits inside the shoe.
It is applied to fashion shoes, leather shoes, all kinds of grass and cloth on shoes, with good shaping effect.
Applied to the fitting of luggage materials.
It is applied to the fitting of sand release and sofa leather.
(3) Matching
Hot melt adhesive coating machine with hot melt adhesive film has better effect
Hot melt adhesive film and coating machine are complementary products, not substitutes

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