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"Foshan Henghuilong is our star enterprise in Shunde, so we must visit and publicize it more," said Mei, director of Shunde Economic Promotion Bureau
On September 15, 2020, leaders at all levels of Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City led foreign enterprises to visit our factory and guide their work, and asked what problems the enterprises faced needed government help. Henghuilong is a pioneer enterprise in epidemic prevention. When the epidemic broke out, it was one of the first enterprises to put into production, providing high-quality and efficient production equipment for many enterprises producing protective clothing and composite fabrics. The equipment serves the majority of enterprises with high-speed and high-quality as the core. When we pay a return visit to customers, customers often smile and say to us: "The capacity of one of your equipment is better than our previous four or five, which has greatly helped our production. Because of your efficient equipment, we can make more protective clothing and provide more anti epidemic materials to the epidemic front."
Yang Youlin, General Manager of Henghuilong, said to government leaders at all levels: "In the outbreak of the epidemic, we are not medical staff, do not know medical skills, and cannot cure people. We can only support our compatriots on the front line of the epidemic through what we can do. I am glad that our equipment can help fight the epidemic, which is also a modest contribution to our compatriots fighting on the front line, and can be recognized by the leaders. On behalf of all employees of our factory, I am very happy."
Director Mei also said: "During the epidemic period, the government requisitioned your equipment, and you helped the government. After the epidemic, the government should pay you back, help you with publicity, and bring more enterprises to buy your equipment“


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