Necessity of On line Automatic Material Receiving and Refueling


What is automatic refueling?
It means that the equipment can automatically change, retract and release the material on line without stopping the machine during operation, and automatically cut off and connect the front end tailings to achieve the purpose of receiving and changing materials online without stopping the machine.
What are the advantages of automatic retraction and placement?
1. Reduce the waste of materials, intelligently connect materials, make the knife edge neat and the interface smooth.
2. Reduce energy waste, and reduce the waste of electrical energy during equipment startup and shutdown.
3. Reduce the operation difficulty. The startup worker only needs to check whether the machine is running normally and transport the rolled materials away, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.
4. Reduce the labor cost, in principle, it can achieve the effect of three people operating two machines.
5. Improve the production capacity without stopping the machine for refueling, saving the time for refueling and greatly increasing the production capacity of the equipment.


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