Industrial intelligent automation


What is industrial automation
Industrial automation is a trend that automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production. Under the condition of industrial production automation, people only take care of and supervise the production of machines indirectly. Industrial automation can be divided into: (1) Semi automation according to its development stage. That is to say, some parts adopt automatic control and automatic devices, while the other parts are produced by manually operated machines. (2) Fully automated. It refers to all processes in the production process, including loading, unloading, etc., which do not require people to directly conduct production operations (people only indirectly watch and supervise the operation of the machine), but the machine automatically produces one or a batch of products continuously and repeatedly.
Why does the workshop need to be automated
1. It is difficult to recruit workers at this stage, and the human cost is high. The automation transformation has greatly reduced the human cost. In the long run, it has not only reduced the human cost, but also reduced the management cost.
2. Improve product quality and product competitiveness. The machine is operated according to the program settings, and the product will not be defective due to physical discomfort or mood.
3. Improve brand competitiveness. The high degree of intelligence of the enterprise's own workshop will undoubtedly improve the trust of customers who come to visit.
4. Capacity improvement. The machine can operate 24 hours without error, which can not only reduce the waste consumption, but also complete the production task more quickly and efficiently.


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