Garment fabric composite equipment will be updated and iterated


Shengze Town is an important silk textile production base and product distribution center in China. Historically, it is famous for "10000 pieces of clothing and quilts rise at the sunrise", and has the reputation of "Silk City".
I visited Shengze market last month, and the biggest feeling is that all of them are made of fabrics. Maybe people can find someone to ask what industry they are engaged in, and the answer will be made of fabrics.
After visiting several enterprises with a certain weight in Shengze garment industry and asking about their current needs and current situation, we learned that in the garment fabric industry, the speed of fabric compounding is too slow, and the local environmental protection control is strict. In the past, we could have more equipment, but now we can't have equipment. In addition, it is said that it will be very cold this winter, so the order of garment fabric has become popular, It is also true that it is difficult for a skillful woman to make bricks without straw.
Foshan Henghuilong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of composite equipment. Previously, it has been serving the medical and sanitary materials industries. When knowing the difficulties faced by the garment fabric industry, the boss gave a solution on the spot after seeing the fabric materials. Use our three-layer simultaneous compound equipment to solve the capacity problem. Originally, most clothing fabrics were laminated in three layers. Their existing equipment can only perform two layers of lamination, which is 30 meters per minute. The finished product needs to be laminated twice. After years of process precipitation, we have matured the three-layer simultaneous composite technology. At the same time, our equipment belongs to high-speed composite equipment, which is 60 meters per minute, twice the old equipment, and can composite the finished products at one time. In this way, the capacity of one three-layer compound equipment can eliminate four old equipment. In contrast, the difference between time cost and labor cost is amazing.
After comparison, the customer also made a quick decision. He directly asked us about the design scheme and the length and width of the equipment, and immediately prepared to make room in the factory.
The equipment update iteration will not stop. The times are progressing. If you don't keep up with the pace of the times, it will be difficult to catch up. This is why many enterprises have very high R&D investment.


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