2020 Henghuilong Group Construction Activities


Collection. ten、 Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. The team of Henghuilong has assembled.
With the instruction of the instructor and the slogan of all colleagues, the Henghuilong team assembled and began the annual league building activity. Our destination this year is Yunfu. We played games together, enjoyed hot springs, had supper, visited tea houses, tasted famous Xiangshan tea, learned tea culture, felt the inheritance of the sixth ancestor of Zen Buddhism, climbed mountains, shed sweat, learned progress and laughed together.
Game life, we realize the importance of teamwork through games. We realized the necessity of team discipline through games. First of all, a team with strict discipline has no ceiling. A team that can implement orders and prohibitions will be half successful with its momentum. Therefore, discipline is necessary. Collaboration, which is also important, is the key for us to break through large-scale cooperation projects. One monk carries water to drink, two monks carry water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink. It is said that the more people there are, the more difficult it is to coordinate. Therefore, team collaboration is very important. If a team's collaboration ability is not good, then the results of the project will inevitably be damaged. The other is that everyone in the team is critical to each link. If a link goes wrong, the team will have to start again. Therefore, no matter where the position is, no matter how simple the individual is responsible for, it is very important for the team. Just like a screw in a space shuttle, it is small but expensive (important).
I believe that each of our colleagues has gained more or less from the establishment of the delegation. From the beginning, we didn't even applaud, to the end, when we returned to the company and disbanded, we heard three simultaneous "scattered, scattered, scattered". I felt everyone's progress and harvest was full.
After talking about the growth in the game, of course, there is no lack of cultural influence in the journey. We visited the tea culture of Xiangshan. In the tour guide's explanation, among the cultural relics related to tea, we deeply experienced the strong Chinese tea culture, sat down quietly, tasted a pot of good tea, and heard about the tea culture that has been passed down for thousands of years from the tea fragrance.
Finally, our whole team climbed the mountain together to find the footprints of the sixth ancestor of Zen Buddhism. To explore the freshness of the mountain forest.
I believe. After these two days' journey, our Everbright family has more orderly teams, clearer goals and smoother cooperation. Similarly, our service to customers will be more meticulous.



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