The first hot melt adhesive high-speed coating compound machine equipped with Nordson BC-62 slit die head (PUR and pressure-sensitive adhesive dual-use die head) was launched in China


Recently, our company, together with Nuoxin, launched the first PUR/PSA dual-purpose breathable die head scraper gun coating compound machine in China. This machine uses Germany's original multi-functional breathable special coating head BC62. According to the size provided by the customer in advance, it can realize automatic gluing door width and gluing weight adjustment. The minimum door width can be controlled to 12.5mm; The maximum effective gluing door width of the coating head can reach 3800mm. The weight range of glue gram on the coating head is 0.8gsm~80gsm, and the coating accuracy can be guaranteed within+/- 5%. The weight of coating glue can be set and adjusted automatically through the control computer screen. It can ensure the air permeability within the weight of 20gsm glue, and the air permeability beyond 20gsm needs to be tested actually.
In the commissioning stage of the machine, the starting speed of PSA pressure-sensitive adhesive can reach 350m/min, and the PUR line speed can reach 200m/min. The sampling results show that 2g of adhesive on the machine can reach the peeling strength of 4g of adhesive in the normal coating process, which greatly reduces the material loss. The machine is equipped with our mature double station material receiving and releasing unit, and the entire production capacity has been rapidly improved. In terms of labor, the dependence on labor has also been greatly reduced,
Highly intelligent, high-speed and efficient, stable performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, providing customers with all-round industrial upgrading assistance


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