Medical tape production equipment

The machine adopts servo motor to control the reeling and unwinding of two independent single station deviation correction material releasing racks and single station material receiving racks, and is equipped with photoelectric automatic tracking and deviation correction system and automatic tension control system. It is equipped with a die head scraper gun imported from Germany, with an effective coating width of 1100mm. It is equipped with an online slitting system and an intelligent control system, which effectively reduces the waste of materials and the difficulty of operation. It is designed by a professional designer and has many years of experience in medical equipment service. The equipment can not only add points to the user from the appearance, but also ensure the high quality and high output of products. With many years of experience in medical equipment service, our designers will be more careful about the details of equipment use at the beginning of design and provide customers with more detailed design services. The model of this machine is a mature product of our company. Many domestic medical customers have purchased and used this model, and the customer's evaluation is also very high. In addition, when designing, we can also reserve the UV system assembly position for customers, so that they can prepare for the use of UV glue in advance. Henghuilong Machinery, a machinery service manufacturer specializing in customized equipment, provides customers with professional R&D, design and production.

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